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What can toBrain.NET do for you?

Use cases

Convenient solutions, declarative programming with easy extensibility

Automated Datamigration

Have multiple systems that aren’t talking to each other the way you want?  Let us handle that for you.  Standardised activities enable an efficient and target-oriented build of data-flows for data-migration. A large set of legacy activities are available in toBrain.NET.  Visual data-mapping as well as parallelised, fast and scalable preparation of your data.

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Orchestration of heterogenious Systems with the help of easy, standardised activities gives you time to focus on what really matters:  Your business-logic behind the interfaces.

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Data preparation

Whether data-anonymisation or preparation and enrichtment of data for corporate reporting: toBrain.NET supports you in an optimal way with tailor-made activities and many out-of the-box solutions for your business.

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What is toBrain.NET

Visual Orchestration

With toBrain.NET you are developing visually.  It is based on the Microsoft Workflow Foundation 4.5.  We provide an innumarable amount of tailor-made activities for you within the following areas: Databases, File-handling, Interfaces, Queuing and Web.

toBrain.NET comes with a powerful designer which includes a visual debugger as well as both a headless server runtime environment and a simple runtime for end-users.

Powerful Components

Our integrated activities are derived from powerful Software-Components. They are tested in the field and fast as hell

Visual Design and Debug

Intuitive and visual construction of the workflows via drag and drop allows full concentration on the essentials: Your Business-Logic

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Rapid Prototyping

Whether for data-migration or Interfacing, with toBrain.NET you simply have fast implementation cycles


The development of user-defined activities enables you to connect with propriatary systems.  You can reuse any part of your workflow

Database Activities

The most data is stored in relational databases. Therefore provides specialised DB activities:

Oracle Databases

High Performance Oracle driver. Integrated “direct” TCP/IP option for connectivity with and without OCI. Array Binding, Direct Path Loading, Change Notification: Oracle-Event based execution of toBrain.NET flows.

Microsoft SQL Server

Direct native access with high performance 100% managed Code driver.  All SQL Server data-types are supported.

SQLite Database

SQLite High-Performance driver with native connection. User-Defined functions are supported. SQLite extensions with connection string parameters (e.g. temp-database)

ODBC Connection

Fast and unified access to your favorite databases. All ODBC-Datatypes are supported. Connection may use http-proxy  as well

MongoDB (beta)

MongoDB allows your teams to easily organize, use and enrich data – in real time, anywhere.

DB2 Uni-DB (beta)

MySQL Uni-DB (beta)

PostgreSQL Uni-DB (beta)

File Activities

Handling of files – whether legacy fixed formats or state of the art XML files – All software-projects need powerful activities. Our activities are based on components from well-known vendors, whose performance has been proven for years

Microsoft Excel

High-Performance native (no OLE / no office installation required). Reading and writing any Excel format and creation of complex, graphical reports. Excel 97-2019. Nearly all features like pictures, comments, conditional format, merged cells, pivot tables or charts are fully supported.

Text files (CSV / Flatfile / INI)

Powerful text-parser to process legacy / fixed format files. CSV parser with extensive properties like Textqualifier, Trim-Result and regular expressions. Maximum flexibility with “FileLineForEach” Activity. Writing data in any file format.

XML Files

Expansive XML activities to read, write and process XMLs. High performance Fast-Forward-Reader, XSD valitator, XSLT transformation as well as EXSLT transform, XML Diff and compare.

Filesystem / ZIP

Zip and GZip reading and writing. Adding and removing files, Processing of folder structures. Individual handling including compression-level and further paramters.

Microsoft Word

Native word component (no OLE/ no MS Office installation). Word reader and writer – Search and replace in existing files. Creation of word-tables and hyperlinks.

Adobe PDF

Youve never seen so many PDF/second. Not only performant but the development and implementation itself is breathtakingly fast.  And for the highest demands: XSL-FO for ready to print layouts including CMYK colors and exact drawing at the pixel-level.

Even More Activities

An extract of our continously growing amount of activities. From XSLT to DataMasking Web and Queues. Individual development is available from us for further activities based on your requirements – also as connectors to your proprietary software system.  If we dont have it, we’ll make for you.

XSLT Transform

Easy transformation of data in XML format. Powerful activities for the use of XSLT or EXSLT. High performance XSL Compiled Transforms. XSL input arguments. Optional stream-handling for direct and high-performance processing in RAM


Extensive library of activities for anonymizing and masking data. e.g. IBAN generator, LUHN generator for random creation of credit card numbers. Random Lookup Functions – for random selection from stored datasets (for example, gender, currency, country codes)

Web Request

Numerous powerful activities for reading and parsing modern websites. WebScope incl. Proxy settings. Create Get / Post Activities. Simplified download file activities.

IBM Websphere MQ

Websphere Get / Put handling. Start of toBrain.NET work-flows based on Websphere-Events.

RabbitMQ (beta)

Running toBrain.NET workflows based on RabbitMQ events.

SMTP E-mail

Sending emails including attachments, SSL, users and password settings. Direct sending of emails from any address data sources. Perfect for automated individual bulk mailings to your customers.


Browser automation with integrated Selenium Activities. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) be automated as well.


SSH with SFTP, SCP support. Command execution, Download and Upload. Synchronisation of directories.

Thales HSM

Thales Hardware security module integration. Easy to use activities help you integrate your HSM into and toBrain.NET workflow.

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