Welcome to toBrain GmbH

The success-story of toBrain GmbH based in Freiburg, Germany started in 2009.  The founders, Tobias Römer and Rainer Schüler, have been engaged in data management for more than 20 years, mainly in the finance sector.  They demonstrated consistently that real quantum jumps can only be realized with fresh, new ideas! Our consulting team has been successfully working in the field for many years.  This experience has led the company to produce innovative products which really facilitate the work of the project engineer and other business professionals.  Developing products which in turn are used to produce effective solutions in record time is one of the goals we always aim for. toBrain.NET is the result of years of experience. Working with our customers we have faced similar challenges over and over again and created a new concept which will facilitate the tasks of business engineers and software architects.  You will find more detailed information about our latest application under our Product section.