The desktop environment is the core of any application. We believe that visibility is an important factor when developing systems.  Because the application's goal is to help the users to develop quickly and efficiently, all the relevant and helpful information should be clearly and easily available.

toBrain().net environment brings everything the user needs under one hat. You can see at one glance everything you need in order to get on efficiently with the work at hand.

Our desktop is completely flexible, all the panes can be re-arranged or even temporarily hidden but should the need arise, the information is always available, and only a mouse-click away.

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Run-time errors are automatically listed in the debug pane. This pane displays all the applications as well as their status. This is especially important for large applications where many activities are running. In this way the faulty element is immediately highlighted. There is no need to read the output of a long logfile to find out where and why the error happened.

Note that clicking on the error will automatically focus on the Activity in question and highlight its place in the Outline tree.

The Error pane and the Output pane will further output messages explaining why the error occurred in the first place.

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