Data Management

Introducing new and up-to-date technologies is necessary in any software environnment.  toBrain().net simplifies the tasks involved and makes the transition as transparent as possible.

Traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) procedures used in any migration environment can be greatly simplified. The user can concentrate on the architecture while the interface supports the deployment of the solution.


Extraction can be done on a number of levels and from different platforms: legacy data from different sources can be brought into the system and dealt with in an uniform way regardless of the original formats.

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Sql Editor

Managing data is more transparent with the availability of a user-friendly sql editor.  Using the connection string given in the scope the application displays the metadata which is available in the context. In this way all the tables in the schema are displayed, the user can use drag and drop to choose the relevant elements and relations. The system then produces the corresponding Sql using the relevant Database syntax.  This considerably reduces typing time and errors.

Choose tables and fields

Generate Sql

Execute the selection