Keeping up-to-date with modern technologies while at the same time supporting and integrating legacy applications and systems is only one of the challenges which demand innovative solutions. Because developing time is expensive toBrain().net presents a new practical and efficient architecture which enables the system designer to produce professional integrative solutions in record time. toBrain().net takes care of the programming complexity thus enabling the data specialists to concentrate on the essentials: your business process.

Today's world moves faster and faster, keeping up requires either large investments in both software and personnel or an intelligent concept which uses existing investments effectively. Much can be achieved with very little effort and knowledge if the base is solid and the complexity is hidden from the user.

In an ideal world we would like to be able to generate new ideas which the software would automatically materialize. We have very nearly reached that point. Planning business cases and workflows still remains the privilege of the business analyst or the software architect.

Creating the concrete applications, however, has now been greatly facilitated, which means that deploying test cases can be efficiently streamlined. Because the software takes care of the details, the user can be more effective.

Furthermore, because the complexity is hidden, the software architect does not necessarily need to rely on whole teams of software specialists. With toBrain().net we deliver a software which can be efficiently used to produce innovative and robust applications in record time.

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